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10 newborns died in hospital fire in Bhandara, Maharashtra – 10 children died in fire at district hospital in Bhandara, Maharashtra


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10 children die in hospital fire in Maharashtra’s Bhandara district


Sad news has come from the district hospital of Bhandara, Maharashtra. Here, 10 newborns have died due to fire in a hospital. This incident happened at 2 pm on Friday night. A short circuit is believed to be the cause of the fire. According to the information, 7 children were safely taken out by conducting a rescue operation. A total of 17 children were present in the ward. The traumatic death of children has caused a ruckus on their families. The families of the deceased children are in a weeping state.

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At the time, 17 children were admitted to the hospital’s special Newborn unit. After receiving information about the fire, the fire brigade who reached the spot rescued seven children. The news agency PTI quoted a doctor as saying that all newborns were between one month and three months old.

According to the news agency ANI, the district hospital’s civil surgeon Pramod Khandate said that at 2 pm, 10 children died and seven were rescued in the hospital’s Sick Newborn Care Unit (SNCU).


The reasons for the fire have not been confirmed yet. However, due to short circuit, fire is being said.

(With input from PTI and ANI)

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